Patchwork Construction

The Highlands of Scotland are my heart’s home. Landscape that at first glance barely seems to have been touched by human hands, until you look a little closer and see the mounds of overgrown rubble, once hearth and home – and the linear patterns of well chosen rocks, piled to stripe the hillsides, separating one…Read more »

Why I Don’t Believe in Mass Production. (And why if you like it, you should buy it, because I probably won’t make another…)

Mass production. The word summons images of hot, noisy factories, machines taking the humanity out of creation. Conveyor belts trundling along with row after row of identical, uncompromisingly perfect Things, ready to ship to shops to sell. Compare this to the deeply individual, human, soulful, creative process involved in holding the tools of your trade,…Read more »

A Sense of Place

My lovely mum died just before Christmas, and in the days and weeks after her death, once the organising and paperwork slowed and then stopped, I had a need to fill my evenings with something (anything) to fill the space of her loss. I wasn’t ready to get back to work, but felt the pull…Read more »